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Site user ID

To fully use the features that are described on this page, you have to follow the setup steps to register your site user id into BeOp SDK.

Site user ID storage#

By default, if you don't change your setup, we are storing for you the site user ID you are providing into our databases for 13 months. The data is yours, so no worries. But if you don't want us to store that data, you can easily setup it to "No retention" in your Account > Security settings

Site user ID in Webhooks#

Webhooks allow you to redirect real time votes and entries to your own APIs. Read this page for further details, and contact us if you would like to have this feature enabled.

By providing your user ID to the BeOp SDK, you get the ability to use it directly into the webhooks setup in order to pass the value to your APIs calls. That way, you're able to treat the information coming from BeOp's contents directly to your own APIs and services.

Coming soon#

Site user ID in BeOps' exports#

We store the information in our database to give you the ability to find it in the creatives' export files. These exports are produced to display votes participant per participant on each question of your creative. If the site user ID is provided, these exports are a true source of attribution and qualification for your own readers / web users.

Site user ID in DMP connections#

BeOp has some native connections to DMPs you may already use to manage your data. We are actively working on adding more partners on our dashboard and we are opening discussion with our historical partners to leverage the site user ID value that you may want to share with your DMP directly.