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JavaScript SDK

The SDK is the script that manages widgets on your page. It's in charge of getting content (whether editorial or sponsored) and place it correctly in your pages.

  • It initialises and identifies the page as yours
  • It calls our content server to check if there's content to display
  • It watches the page for changes, so that if a new slot is available, it can be filled


Add this code right after the opening <body> tag, and replace YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID with your actual account id.

window.beOpAsyncInit = function () {
account: 'YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID',
<script async src=""></script>

the beOpAsyncInit is where you identify your page using the init() function, and the watch() tells the SDK to look for slots, the script below is the actual SDK, which is loaded asynchronously (meaning it doesn't block your page)

Installing on Wordpress#

It's possible that your Wordpress setup concatenates scripts, which prevents you from running an up-to-date BeOp SDK and creates unexpected bugs.

For that, you can use the following SDK:

(function (window, document, script) {
window.beOpAsyncInit = function () {
account: 'YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID',
var firstScript = document.querySelector(script);
var script = document.createElement(script);
script.async = true;
script.src = '';
firstScript.parentNode.insertBefore(script, firstScript);
})(window, document, 'script');

Declaring slots#

You can declare slots, or places where widgets should appear by simply putting the following tag where you want them on your pages:

<div class="BeOpWidget"></div>

In order to ensure your slots are correctly filled, we highly recommend naming them, this way if the slot order in your page is altered, the SDK will still be able to identify them.


<div class="BeOpWidget" data-name="below-article"></div>
<div class="BeOpWidget" data-name="sidebar"></div>
<div class="BeOpWidget" data-name="homepage"></div>

You can specify if a slot is strictly for your own editorial content or for sponsored content too:

<!-- only editorial content -->
<div class="BeOpWidget" data-my-content="1"></div>
<!-- default: accept both (if your account is configured to accept ads) -->
<div class="BeOpWidget"></div>

Browser support#

We support all modern browsers.

Following Microsoft's own products, we've discontinued Internet Explorer support.

Need to check if you installed the SDK correctly?#

Come and check the Diagnostics script!

API Reference#


Initialises the SDK with your account.

account: 'abcdef1234567890abcdef12',
  • config.account: your BeOp account ID

  • config.canAccessStorage (default: true): set to false to prevent BeOp from storing a technical cookie in the absence of a TCF consent platform

  • config.refreshExistingSlots (default: true): set to false if your website loads new articles with an infinite scroll mechanism

  • config.prefillInformations: provide user information to ease the form/optin filling process (useful if your user is logged in on your account).

    You can provide the elements like follows (all keys are optional):

    account: 'abcdef1234567890abcdef12',
    prefillInformations: {
    firstName: 'Foo',
    lastName: 'Bar',
    email: '',
    phoneNumber: '+336...',

Parses and watches the page for available slots.


Parses the page for tags


Deprecated: use, which is reliable even when pages aren't fully loaded or blocked by a longer loading


Send an event to BeOp's server.

eventName: 'impression',
eventValue: 'foo',
slotName: 'my-slot',
currency: 'EUR',
  • event.eventName: the name of the event. For now, only impression is supported

  • event.eventValue: the value of the event. You can pass any string here

  • event.slotName: the name of the slot where the event comes from

  • event.currency (default: Computed from the account owning the slot): the currency of the event. Only EUR and USD are supported for now

Fullsize mode#

You might want to have a BeOp slot to take the whole viewport (for instance in a mobile iframe). To that end, you can add a data-expand attribute to make a slot fill the window.

<div class="BeOpWidget" data-expand></div>

If you want to be able to have a close button to appear once the creative is complete, add the following right after the BeOpSDK.init call:

BeOpSDK.onPressClose((slotName) => {
// notify the webview to close itself

Optionnally, you can pass a timeout param to trigger the button appearance in case of inactivity (defaults to 10s):

// show the button after a 5s inactivity
BeOpSDK.onPressClose((slotName) => {
/* ... */
}, 5000);


The close button will not appear unless you provide your onPressClose event listener.