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BeOp Publisher Data


Welcome to the documentation of the BeOp Publisher Data project! At BeOp, we have always advocated for data privacy and rejected the exploitation of third-party data. However, we have come to realize that data collected directly by publishers represents a valuable resource to enhance advertising experiences and generate better results while also allowing publishers to have a significant role in our modern information society.

The BeOp Publisher Data project marks an important turning point in our approach by opening the door to the responsible use of first-party data by publishers. We strongly believe that publishers have the right to fully benefit from their own data while ensuring user privacy and respect.


This documentation aims to guide you through the integration of the BeOp Publisher Data collection and utilization schema into your existing applications and systems. We have developed a standardized schema that enables you to easily share your first-party data with our platform while maintaining complete control over that data.

In this documentation, you will learn how to integrate the BeOp Publisher Data schema into your SDK, how to use the schema in OpenRTB and Prebid requests, and how to maximize the value of your first-party data while complying with privacy and security standards.

We are excited to offer you this opportunity to fully leverage the potential of your data as a BeOp publisher. We are confident that this new approach will help improve the efficiency of your advertising campaigns, enhance user engagement, and foster more relevant and personalized advertising experiences.

Ready to take your business to the next level by harnessing the power of your data as a BeOp publisher? Follow the instructions in this documentation and discover how to optimize your advertising performance through the integration of the BeOp Publisher Data schema.