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View Campaign (vCPM)

When you create a view campaign, the initial state for pricing is :

  • billable event is view (visible impression - 1s / 50%)
  • no maximum budget
  • daily budget 1.00 €vCPM
  • default price pack
    • minimum price 8.00 €vCPM
    • Premium publishers

You can click on the "Add price pack" button to see the different packs you can buy with their minimum vCPM

Once a new pack is added, by default, this one will take 0% of the budget

After some changes on the maximum and daily budget, and on the budget repartition on the new added pack, you can now have a better overview of your pricing setup

By setting the budget repartition on upper price packs, you give us your wish to spend this percentage of your daily/total budget on the publishers in these.

If the inventory is not enough to spend the requested percentage on upper price pack, our algorithm will redirect the budget on the default pack.

If you absolutely want to deliver a certain amount on these upper price packs, you have the possibility to lock the budget repartition

By doing this, you take a risk to not be able to spend the requested budget on the pack, and that budget will not be redirected to the default pack. You will be billed only on what has actually been spent.

You can find some information on resulting CPM and views by combining pack with different price levels

As long as you have at least one pack, you can delete the packs you don't need

You are then able to buy exclusively upper price packs if this is really what you want to do

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information on pricing setup for your campaigns