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Prebid adapter

You can add BeOp in your Prebid flow through the BeOp adapter.


You'll need to contact your account manager to activate the Prebid integration on your BeOp account.

First, pick BeOp on the Prebid.js download page.

Then, add BeOp in the relevant slot's bids array.

We recommend that you assign the BeOp bidder in a 1x1 sized slot.

var adUnits = [
code: "in-article",
mediaTypes: {
banner: {
sizes: [[1, 1]],
bids: [
bidder: "beop",
params: {
accountId: "YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID",
currency: "EUR", // or "USD"


accountIdYour BeOp account ID
currencyEUR or USD

And that's it, you should be good to go!