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Financial settings

We're asking financial information from you that will help us to bill you and/or to pay you, depending on your account type.

You will be able to fill :

  • Financial identification
    • corporate name
    • VAT number (France/Europe only)
    • SIREN number (France only)
  • Billing contact
  • Billing address
  • Bank details
    • Domiciliation
    • Billing country and currency (not updatable)
    • Document proof (upload a RIB document)
    • France as billing country
      • IBAN
      • BIC
    • USA as billing country
      • Bank address
      • ABA Routing Transit Number
      • Account number
      • Beneficiary name
  • Billing preference
    • Payer delay (not updatable)
    • Taxation (not updatable - the value depends on your billing country)
    • Sending by post (receive invoices by post - use billing address)
    • Sending by email (receive invoices by mail - use billing contact)