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A campaign is an object grouping five main components:

  • Billing information
  • Budget
  • Diffusion settings
  • Audiences
  • Creatives

Billing information#

See the specific billing page


In the budget section, you can set:

  • A price per unit, which can be a CPFUA (cost per first user action) or a CPM (cost per mille)
  • A maximum daily budget
  • A maximum total budget (optional)
  • For view campaigns, the price per unit is replaced by the price pack feature. This will allow you to buy inventory with the relevant price for each publisher type. See the pricing page for more information

Diffusion settings#

  • Location
  • User browser language
  • Diffusion start and end
  • Target device types
  • Diffusion days and hours
  • Capping


See the specific audience page


See the formats you can use