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BeOp open API - GET Campaigns statistics

A BeOp campaign is an object/entity that is responsible of the delivery setup for creatives. Thanks to campaigns, the creatives are delivered according to

  • editorial or semantical audiences
  • budget
  • time period
  • contextual targeting
  • ...

See Campaigns section to learn more about BeOp campaigns

Campaign object in the BeOp open API#

The campaign object in this openned API is represented by the following schema :

  • date : the day of the statistics (present if &by_day=true)
  • campaign_id : the identifier of the campaign
  • campaign_name : the name of the campaign
  • insertion_id : the identifier of the insertion (present if &by_insertion=true)
  • insertion_name : the name of the insertion (present if &by_insertion=true)
  • content_id : the identifier of the content (present if &by_content=true)
  • content_name : the name of the content (present if &by_content=true)
  • advertiser_id : the identifier of the advertiser
  • advertiser_name : the name of the advertiser
  • impressions : the number of impressions
  • visible_impressions : the number of visible impressions
  • engagements : the number of first clicks on creatives
  • votes : the number of votes on creatives
  • clicks : the number of exit clicks on creatives
  • click_through_rate : click rate on visible impressions
  • form_submissions : the number of forms that have been submitted by users
  • optin_submissions : the number of optins that have been submitted by users
  • video_impressions : number of video impressions
  • video_visible_impressions : number of video visible impressions
  • video_start : number of video starts
  • video_first_quartile : number of video first quartiles (25% of video completion)
  • video_midpoint : number of video midpoints (50% of video completion)
  • video_third_quartile : number of video third quartiles (75% of video completion)
  • video_complete : number of video completes (100% of video completion)
  • video_complete_rate : number of video completes divided by number of video starts
  • billables : number of events that are counted for invoicing
  • spent : spent in your account currency

The entity name to pass after the base url is campaigns


RESPONSE ONE CAMPAIGN ITEM identified by {campaign_id}


You can pass query params to the request

  • api_key (required) : your api token
  • date_from (optional default yesterday) : first day of statistics lookup (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • date_to (optional default yesterday ): last day of statistics lookup (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • by_day (optional default false) : breakdown by day
  • by_insertion (optional default false) : breakdown by insertion
  • by_creative (optional default false) : breakdown by creative



This request responds with a JSON list of items for the campaign aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. One item by day from the 1st of January, 2023 with the relevant statistics in each.