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BeOp Publisher Data - Manage your segments

Navigate to the segments screen#

A new item is available on the dashboard navigation menu that redirects you to your segments list

Manage your segments from the main list#

The list contains your segments.

Segments can be archived for cleaning purpose in your list and usages; you can filter this status. A filter by provider and a search input are also available from the list.

From that list, you can add and manage your own segments by creating them from scratch. We need to know:

  • the name you give to that segment to recognize it
  • the ID you have on your website that flags the web user as part of this segment
  • the provider of that segment. This information is optional; filling it will help you for segments reusability in audiences and will give more transparency for the segment usage of the accounts you share your segments with.

Clicking on + New button allows you to add multiple segments at a time:

Fill your segments information, add as many segment as you need to work with:


You will be able to update these segments after saving, if needed


If this process is too manual, please send a request to your account manager with a segments list including the details you want to provide (id, name, provider) and we will manage to ingest it for you automatically in your account