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Import your catalog

Dynamic creatives#

BeOp allows you to create automatic dynamic carousels from your very own product catalog.

Our system will find the most relevant items for a given context, for instance:

  • showing the closest stores that sell your products
  • showing properties to sell closest to the user

Here, you can see an example where a real-estate dealer is showing the closest available properties to users:


As we're filtering and sorting product by relevancy to the user, we need access to your product catalog.

In order to guarantee the user-experience and speed, we need to store the catalog in our optimized databases.

We're able to import your catalog from the following formats:

  • Recommended: CSV (e.g. a database or spreadsheet export)
  • XML (e.g. your RSS feed)

Importing your catalog in the platform#

Get in touch with us at

In this email please provide:

  • your BeOp account ID (you can find it in BeOp's dashboard navigation menu).
  • your XML or CSV file, as an attachment or a link (attachments are limited to 25MB)


You can download our CSV template to get a starting point.


This CSV use semicolon separator (;) for convenience and to avoid conflicts with columns that may contain lists

Supported columns#

vendor_uidstringโœ”The item identifier, it MUST BE UNIQUE (200 characters max)
short_textstringโœ”The item name, it MUST BE PROVIDED but do not need to be unique (250 characters max)
medium_textstringA short item description (500 characters max)
long_textstringA complete item description (no limit)
currencystringThe prices currency using ISO 4217 (3 characters)
pricefloatThe item price (in the currency, e.g. in EUR or USD)
price_startdateThe item price availability start date
price_enddateThe item price availability end date
discount_pricefloatThe item discount price
discount_price_startdateThe item discount price start date
discount_price_enddateThe item discount price end date
latitudefloatLocation latitude of the item
longitudefloatLocation longitude of the item
categoriesstringComma separated list of categories (500 characters max)
sellerstringSeller name (100 characters max)
brandstringBrand name (100 characters max)
urlStringURL of the item (1000 characters max)
main_pic_url_smallstringSmall item image URL (1000 characters max)
main_pic_url_mediumstringMedium item image URL (1000 characters max)
main_pic_url_largestringLarge item image URL (1000 characters max)
additional_pic_urlsstringlist of item image URLs (no limit)
stock_countintegerCount of actual item stock
genderenumAny value among male, female, other
ageintegerItem age
user_ratingstringAny value representing a user rating (20 characters max)
addressstringItem location address (500 characters max)
zipcodestringItem location zipcode (20 characters max)
citystringItem location city (100 characters max)
countrystringItem location country (100 characters max)

You may add up to 5 custom columns of type string, number, integer or boolean

Types information:#

  • string: any UTF8 characters escaped between double brackets " like "some text"
  • date: a UTC readable date format like: 2021-01-15T10:00:00Z or 2021-01-15
  • number: decimal value like 1234567.89 or an integer like 1234
  • integer: integer value like 1234
  • boolean: unquoted string value true or false
  • enum: like string but restricted to certain values

Using your catalog#

Once your catalog is ready, you can start creating dynamic carousels on the platform!