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Audiences lets you filter interesting display context from our inventory.

An audience can have up to 4 types of selectors:

  • Lexical fields
  • Urls
  • Publishers
  • Categories

Lexical fields#

A lexical field is a list of words. When you create one, you'll immediately see a page view forecast of all pages containing at least one word of this lexical field.

What makes lexical fields really powerful is that you can combine them and only target intersections and exclusions of multiple lexical fields.

To put it simply:

This system really helps you to define a precise diffusion context in order to maximise your chances to find the right, interested person to see your ad.


To can use URL wildcards to include or exclude particular patterns.


To can specify on which publishers you want or don't want to display your display your ads.


To can target website categories, like Sports for instance.